Elections were to be held for the adhoc committees of Ambala Municipal Corporation today, but due to consensus among HJP and BJP, 5 committees were elected with mutual consent. In which the chairman and vice chairman were also elected with mutual consent.
Elections were pending for the last 2 years for 9 adhoc committees of Ambala Municipal Corporation. Regarding which the election was to be held today, but in the election, the councilors of Haryana Jan Chetna Party and Bharatiya Janata Party elected the members and chairman and vice chairman of 5 committees with mutual consent. Apart from this, for the remaining 4 committees, it was said to take a decision in the next meeting.Because the nominations for the remaining 4 committees were not complete. Due to which his elections had to be postponed. Today, four chairmen of the BJP were unanimously formed in adhoc committees and Mayor Shakti Rani Sharma was elected as the chairperson for a finance and contract committee. In these committees, HJP became 4 vice-chairmen and a Congress councilor became the chairman with the support of BJP. During this, Mayor Shakti Rani Sharma congratulated everyone and talked about working for the development of Ambala.
Today the new commissioner Anju Chowdhary took the first meeting after taking charge and described the consensus made in the election better and said that the councilors and officers will work together within the ambit of the law. He said that if any officer obstructs the development work, he will be dealt with strictly.