A young man wearing a helmet on a bike stopped outside the showroom at the jewellers named Musaddilal Bodan Lal Jain in Sadar Bazar (Gud Bazar) of Rewari city this afternoon and as soon as he entered the showroom, he took out a pistol from his bag and pointed it at the showroom owner.
The miscreants checked all the counters kept in the showroom at the force of the pistol and looted about 600 grams of gold and Rs 80,000 cash kept there. The miscreant threatened to shoot the showroom operator. After this, he also escaped from Asani after looting. Panic spread in the market after this incident that took place in broad daylight. After receiving the information, other officials besides the city police reached the spot. Traders in the market closed their shops, after the incident, there is a lot of anger among the traders. Shopkeepers say that they are not safe in their market even in broad daylight.